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    Ryan Sandoval wrote for the television series Heathers on the Paramount Network. He has also made cartoons for Amazon and MTV, and co-wrote an animated pilot for FX. As a journalist he's also recapped way too much television for TV Guide.

  • Television

    Things on TV, that move



    Viacom/Paramount Network

    Season 1 Staff Writer


    Co-Writer, U.S. Season Finale: Episode 9, "I'm a No-Rust-Build-Up Man Myself"


    Watch on: iTunes, Amazon

    or Paramount Network


    Amazon Studios Pilot

    Amazon Studios/Titmouse Inc.

    Directed by: Mark Brooks

    Written by: Ryan Sandoval, Price Peterson and Lily Sparks

    "Fancy Bastards" Unaired MTV Pilot

    MTV/Titmouse Inc.

    Directed by: Mark Brooks

    Written by: Ryan Sandoval, Price Peterson and Lily Sparks

    "Bad Samaritans Episode 3: Trash Mountain"

    Netflix/Fox Digital/Zero Day Fox

    Directed by: J.J. Adler

    Written by: Ryan Sandoval and Ryan Burns

  • New Media

    Things on the Internet, that move

    Pugatory Episodes 1-6

    Maker Studios

    Created by: YouTube's Marzia Bisognin

    Written by:

    Ryan Sandoval, Lily Sparks, Ryan Burns and Patrick Mulhberger


    Things that stay still

    "The Space Crew That Was TOO Ragtag"

    Making fun of all the shabby, underdog space teams we love, in comic book form.

    The Devastator: Space Epic

    Illustrated by: Jacob Chabot

    Written by: Ryan Sandoval

    The D.A.D.D.Y. Complex: A Theo Sultan Novel

    (Written by my thriller author alter-ego, "Luke Pattersby")

    A humor novel, that parodies those best-selling Jack Reacher thriller books your dad reads on the toilet!

    A children's book I wrote and illustrated when my first nephew was born

    From 2012 to 2016 I recapped and reviewed a bunch of television shows including American Horror Story, Burn Notice, Zoo and The Americans for CBS Interactive, reaching millions of daily readers.

    I was among the first to cover Shia LaBeouf's live performance art piece "#IAMSORRY," wherein I sat across the actor while he wore a bag on his head in silence.

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    January 9, 2019
    Today I took the Subaru into a dealership to get the oil changed which is something I am usually against - dealership oil jobs. It's a pretty standard procedure made way more expensive for not that good a reason. But the warranty I have on the car insists I take it to a certified place like this...

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